Denial of Armenian Genocide

by niamhfoster | March 19th, 2012

When looking for images for the Armenian Genocide, I came across an image that led me to an “Armenian Genocide Ballyhoo: Angels of 1915” blog with a post about Fake Illustrations used in the Armenian Genocide Allegations and Armenian Lie posters.

Some of these images include:


In the Fake Illustrations of the Armenian Genocide Allegations post, Yorum Gonder claims that the Armenians use fake photographs and pictures in unofficial websites to support their allegations of a “so-called genocide”, where they  “twist” people’s emotions and realities to support their “unlawful cause.”

The post is accessible here:

Meanwhile, another post on the same blog is about Yusuf Halacoglu responding to the historian Taner Akcam. Here the post looks at and claims that the original documents that Akcam used in his book, “Armenian Issued is Resolved,” are “cherry-picked”  and “distorted” to support his interpretation. Halacoglu claims that Akcam ignores evidence in the original documents to support the denial of the Armenian Genocide thus, Akcam is “trying to condition” the readers to support his “baseless” claims.

The post goes on to say that “I would also like to comment on some of the criticisms of Taner Akçam in relation to some of the issues that were included in my book called ‘Facts on the Relocation of Armenians’.” In fact, a short video is posted to express some of the criticisms and makes fun of Taner Akcam’s and Peter Balakian’s argument that the genocide did occur, in their appearance on a television show.


(Video Credit:  Armenian Genocide Ballyhoo by TruckerPhobia)

To access the post on the blog:

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