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Animated Maps from the website ‘The Map as History’

These maps are ‘talking’ maps, were they explain and show you on an animated map.

The Middle East at the beginning of 20th century

World War I

After World War I

The First World War and the treaties in the Middle East, 1918-1920:

Ottoman Empire: Expansion and Retreat:

Sykes-Picot Agreement:

The Dardanelles Campaign:

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The Ottoman Empire 1914-1918

(Image credit: The Ottoman Empire in 1914 by


The Caucasus Campaign

The ethnic groups within the Caucasus region.

(Image credit: Preface to the Special Issue and Caucasus Map Supplement by


The Armenian Genocide Maps

(Image Credit: The Armenian genocide by

This map shows the massacres, the historic Armenia borders and current borders too.

(Image Credit: Armenian Genocide Map by

This map shows deportation centres and routes as well as Armenian resistance.


The Sykes-Picot Agreement

Partition of the Arab Middle East by The French and British Empires.

Partion of the Arab Middle East

(Image Credit: Partition of the Arab Middle East Between the British and French Empires by