Armenia: The Betrayed

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“The Betrayed” is a 2003 BBC Correspondent documentary, where Fergal Patrick Keane investigates the Armenian Genocide and why Turkey and the West denies that it was a genocide. “This is the story of what happened when the most powerful nation on earth [the U.S.A] was on the verge of recognising the Armenian genocide” – Keane. The documentary includes interviews with historians and politicians.

In 1915, the Ottoman Empire started to deport  and massacre the Armenian population. The persecution intensity varied until 1923, when the Ottoman Empire came to an end. “The Armenian population of the Ottoman state was reported at about two million in 1915. An estimated one million had perished by 1918, while hundreds of thousands had become homeless and stateless refugees. By 1923 virtually the entire Armenian population of Anatolian Turkey had disappeared.” – Armenian National Institute.


Video Credit: Betrayed – The forgotten Armenian holocaust – BBC (full documentary) by tmpeters. Last Viewed: 18th March 2012.