Lawrence of Arabia

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Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence was a member of the British Army, he became known for his involvement in the Arab Revolt against Ottoman Rule during the First World War.

This is the trailer of the Oscar winning film 1962 “Lawrence of Arabia” and 2012 is its 50th Anniversary. It is based upon T. E. Lawrence’s life, including his experiences in World War I. The film depicts his attacks on Damascus and Aquaba, and his  involvement in the Arab National Council. It is believed to be largely based upon historical facts and Lawrence’s own writings. However, the film is still believed to have been greatly romanticized.

This is the trailer for Lawrence of Arabia:


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T. E. Lawrence was also portrayed in the 1990 television film “A Dangerous Man: Lawrence after Arabia”. It was directed by Christopher Menaul and Ralph Fiennes plays Lawrence. It is deemed an unofficial sequel to Lawrence of Arabia (1962) as it shows the events that occurred after the First World War. Including the Paris Peace Conference which was trying to determine what would happen to the territories formerly under the Ottoman Empire in the Treaty of Sevres.

The film starts with a quote from T. E. Lawrence’s book “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”  which is shown in this opening clip of the film.

Opening clip of the film A Dangerous Man: Lawrence after Arabia:


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